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Futurism Men's
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Basic Essentials

Creating style through simplicity of design and distinction of detail. Blending tradition with modernity through the strong influences of celebrity, culture, travel, films and music. Giving men Basic Essentials that not only serve a functional purpose but a comfortably fashionable one as well. The design element that moves from classic silhouettes of a conventional nature to textures that add interesting structure while enhancing the tone of the male physique, work well with the carefully constructed details which add an essence of their own, giving every piece some personality and pizzazz. Versatility is another key element of this segment which enables various looks to be achieved giving each piece more wear ability along with style.

Hip And Edgy

Moving to the opposite side of the style spectrum, Hip and Edgy is where you will find unique, striking style staples especially designed for those in need of that extra boost in complementing their look. Fun, fashionable, wearable pieces that draw attention to the design, detail and overall attitude that exudes from each piece. From metallic silver that moves parallel with space-age style in a digital time to rich tones of wine, tan and ember that are used to encompass the dramatic element to this hip and edgy segment. Textures, studs and numerous details play their part in completing this look that develop into reminiscence of rock and roll style that is soft-core yet equally eye-catching.