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Futurism Women's
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Classic Conventional

Traditional elements that are timeless, used as a foundation to recreate fresh, young; wearable style is where Classic Conventional gets its name. From vintage films and music to style icons and memorabilia that travel back and forth through time to inspire the uniqueness and striking trends that live on today. Making these museum worthy style statements more fun, fashionable, wearable and young was a mission taken on with as much enthusiasm as creating the FUTURISM Collection as a whole, complete unit. As this collection branches out into various domains appealing to different personalities, various cultures and a multitude of races, regions and attitudes, Classic Conventional gives you simplistic style at its best.

Cool and Quilted

Moving in line with the essence of the FUTURISM Collection adding a cool factor to quilted surfacing translated into cool, stylish leather jackets is from where the Cool and Quilted segment originates. From the subtle use of quilting, to the overall yet understated pieces that give quilted jackets and coats a hip and edgy look and feel. Whether it is simply applied to jacket lapels, pocket flaps or panels running from top to bottom or used generously throughout the jacket, architectural style is achieved in the form of ‘diamond’ or ‘lined’ quilting. In colours such as black, maroon, tan and metallic silver, the quilted jackets and coats are designed to give you comfort, fashion-forward style and eye-catching shape.

Metallic Mantra

Drawing energy and inspiration from the space-age, adding metallic tones to structured silhouettes while maintaining understated style and effortless wear ability makes for a good foundation to build this fragment of the FUTURISM Collection. A Metallic Mantra that is youthfully fresh and fashionably functional. In a matte tone of silver, tan and maroon, spacey style is set as a time capsule moving within and around various cultures, regions and locations picking up elements along the way that serve as details, textures and structure that highlight each piece in a distinctive and trendsetting new way. Designed to equally enhance and transform youth as required.

Studs and Detail

Be it a car, a house, a painting or life itself. It is the detail that serve as highlights that bring out the beauty of the design, pointing out the shape, structure or dimension that make the overall subject even more exceptional. The same principle applies to this segment of the FUTURISM Collection. Adding detail that is evident or subtle holds equal significance. Throughout the collection detail has played an important role in adding character, enhancing style and elaborating on design. These details would not be complete without the presence of studs. In the form of pyramids, cones and eyelets, studs are all the rage especially in making a hip and edgy impression.

Tie ‘n’ DYE HARD

Inspired by dual elements ranging from cross global camouflage through abstract vision as well as the hide of oriental dragons make for a strong foundation for this section entitled Tie ‘n’ Dye Hard. From the unique, eye-catching use of technique, raw edges and bold use of twisted colours and tones that move from blacks and whites to tans and coffees, add further elements of intrigue to this artsy section. Detail too in the form of zipper and button closures, studs and pocketing along with panels complement the overall look and feel of the Tie ‘n’ DYE HARD segment. Perfect for making a grand impression in a young, fun and fresh artistic way.